Learn to Stop Cuticle Pulling and Skin Picking

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream You Can Learn How to Stop Cuticle Pulling and Skin Picking

If you pull your cuticles and pick your skin, you suffer from a disorder called Compulsive Skin Picking (or Dermatillomania). Most likely, you are reading this blog post because you have this disorder. If you want to stop picking, you will find help in this post and on my How to Stop Nail Biting website.

How to stop skin picking?

Naturally, The basic question those afflicted who are ready to quit ask themselves is: “How to stop picking my skin and pulling my cuticles?”  Asking the question is a good thing. It shows you are at the point where you are ready to receive help.

Skin picking and nail biting are related and often those who pick their cuticles also are nail biters.

The good news is there is help to be found right here. That's because you can learn to teach yourself to recognize your skin picking habits so you can preempt from engaging in the actual cuticle pulling habit. All the useful insights and information, tools and tips in my book, How to Stop Nail Biting , directly translates to your skin picking problems.

Here is the How to Stop Nail Biting Table of Contents

Chapter one – Nail Biting – What is it and who does it?
Chapter Two – Nail Biting – Is it an addiction?
Chapter Three – Nail biting – it’s all about you
Chapter Four – Nail Biting is often a family affair
Chapter Five – Embarrassment & acknowledgment
Chapter Six – Nail biting is a disgusting unhealthy habit!
Chapter Seven – Learning from other bad habits
Chapter Eight – Are you sane and other health concerns
Chapter Nine – Will professional help make a difference?
Chapter Ten – What you get from nail biting
Chapter Eleven – How you go about it
Chapter Twelve – Learning the initial two steps to stopping technique
Chapter Thirteen – Methods, products and programs
Chapter Fourteen – Nail care 101 for reformed biters
Chapter Fifteen – How long will it take to quit
Chapter sixteen – Stop Nail Biting Resources

Learn and to Use Good Groom Techniques, Tools and Products

One of the things you learn in my book is to learn to groom your nails and cuticles. The Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme product shown above is perfect for men and women because it works and can be easily carried in purse or pocket. Make sure you have used a high quality Stainless Steel Cuticle and Hangnail Snipper to remove dead skin and hang nails, then massage your nails and cuticles and skin around your nails with Burt's Cuticle Creme. By eliminating the nagging ragged skin, you greatly reduce your temptation your skin picking and pulling or biting your cuticles.

Nail biting and skin picking are related disorders. Oncyhophagia is the medical term for nail biting. At the heart of it, both have so many similarities and it is quite common for one person to have problems with both these conditions. Those who do suffer from them often are experts at hiding them from others.

The Internet has many offering fantastic too good to be true methods to quit. One prominent and highly marketed program with tons of paid affiliates pushing it is some nine minute cure. It's tempting to want to believe such claims. Who wouldn't want to get rid of a lifelong bad habit in a short time. But, can you really believe such a fantastic claim is possible? If it sounds to good to be true, you should be smart enough to know what to believe.


  1. Started at 12, now 41. Please help.

  2. Hi, I feel for you. It’s a lifelong battle. There are suggestions on this blog you can try. Or, for less than the price of one bottle of that awful tasting stuff you put on your nails, you can buy my book on Amazon, or Kindle. Click here to check it out. It is a matter of accepting you have the problem, building your resolve, learning what your triggers are and developing some diversionary techniques to quiet your nerves and get you off being fixated on your nails or cuticles. The book helps you do that.

    All the best! You can do it!

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